Alberto Fonseca – Driver

Alberto FonsecaAlberto Fonseca got his start in motorsports with the San Francisco region SCCA competing in autocross in the late 1990’s and earning a 3rd place finish in the novice class. After a break from the sport and relocating to Washington state, he got involved in track days with the Pacific Northwest SCCA, Hooked on Driving, Pro Formance Racing School, The Ridge Racing School, and others.

His long held desire to compete in wheel to wheel racing prompted him to build his first race car, a 1988 Porsche 944, to compete in the PRO44 club racing series. He chose the Porsche 944 because of it’s renown balance and handling and his affinity for the Porsche brand with it’s racing heritage. This combination made it the right learning platform for the start of his racing career.

Alberto enjoys learning all facets of motorsports. He takes a hands on approach including working on the car, leveraging his background as a software engineer for race data analysis, and taking advantage of any opportunity to get seat time. Competing in a spec series like PRO44 allows him to focus on developing himself as a driver first. He believes mindset is the key to success in racing and in life and looks up to drivers like Ayrton Senna who embodied this philosophy.

Alberto currently holds road racing licenses with the ICSCC and NASA and also drives with Lucky Dog Racing, ChumpCar, and LeMons.  He is a member of the Porsche Club of America and BMW Car Club of America and enjoys online sim racing. Interested in sim racing? Use this referral link to join me on iRacing.

When not at the track Alberto develops technology for Therapy Exam Prep and also runs Game Loop, an independent game development studio.

Miye Fonseca – Team Manager


Miye Fonseca is co-owner and team manager for Fonseca Racing. She wears many hats including physical therapist, crew-chief, pit-crew, race strategy, planning, and photography. She also has experience in race control having volunteered with NASA for the 25 Hours of Thunderhill and various races with ChumpCar.

When not at the track Miye runs TherapyExamPrep.com and helps prepare Physical Therapists to pass their license exam online.


Kenzo Fonseca – Race Strategy


Kenzo Fonseca relies on his extensive motorsports knowledge and experience amounting to over 6 years around race cars to guide the team in all facets of strategy both on and off the track. His words to the driver before the race “Win daddy!” have inspired countless victories and are an ongoing motivation to the team.

When not at the track Kenzo enjoys race car design and fabrication using various Lego® components.



1988 Porsche 944

Porsche 944
Vehicle type: Front engine two door coupe
Engine: Normally aspirated 2.5L inline-four
Displacement: 2479 cc
Valves: 8
Compression: 10.2 : 1
Horsepower: 158 hp @ 5900 rpm
Forward gears: 5
Wheelbase: 2400 mm
Minimum weight: 2600 lbs.
Wheel size: 15 x 7 in.
Tires: 225/50-15



Spare Parts Racing #36
“Alberto was a great team player with us in the 2014 25 Hours of Thunderhill. He did a great job of taking care of the car and running the laps times we needed to keep us in contention. We asked him to pick up the pace, he picked it up, we asked him to ease up and conserve, he did. SP Racing is looking forward to having him join us again this year for the 25 Hours of Thunderhill.”

– Kevin Pyles from Spare Parts Racing team Car #36 Mazda Miata, NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill 2014

Royal Mail #86
“Alberto was a real pro for our team. Car came back without a scratch and the lowest lap times. Can’t ask for much more than that.”

– Ian Korf from Royal Mail team Car #86 Mazda Miata, LeMons Thunderhill 2014


BMW 535
“After a successful race day on Friday, we made space in our car for Alberto on Saturday. He was an energetic driver, focused, and followed our instructions on maintaining the car.  From his grin, he had a great time!

For anyone considering Alberto as a rental driver, we would invite him to drive with us again.  A real class act!”

– Mark Scholz from Die Familie team Car #128 BMW 535, ChumpCar Thunderhill 2014

“Alberto is the kind of driver that you are happy to have as a teammate for the weekend. A good driver who takes care of the equipment and is fun to have around. Alberto’s positive attitude infuses everything he does at the track, and I wish we had more rental drivers just like him.”

– Mark Goodman from The Old Lompoc Special team Car #41 Mazda RX-7, ChumpCar The Ridge Motorsports Park 2012